Frequently Asked Questions.

We offer three kinds of rates when you avail of our house cleaning services, that is, hourly, weekly, or monthly. The choice mainly depends on you, yet we can give any advice on which one suits well on your needs and budget. 

You can also make use of our free estimate service, so you’d know your approximate total cleaning cost.

Basically, it includes cleaning supplies, equipment, and labor cost.

Generally, we send the same cleaning staff for regular cleaning appointments, yet there are instances when our personnel will take their vacation or inevitably have sick leaves. 

If that happens, we will inform you in advance that another team will handle your request. Nevertheless, all of our housemaids are highly reliable and trustworthy. Likewise, we do background checks for all applicants who want to be part of our cleaning team.

Basically, we require that you’ll be there during the first cleaning session, so you can personally know them and see how they work. For the succeeding cleaning schedules, your presence is no longer necessary, and we can arrange for the dates and access of our cleaning staff.

Well, you can provide us access by either a physical key or passcode to your main front door. Then there will be 24/7 CCTV surveillance inside your residence to ensure security.

There are some instances where we can allow cleaning appointments on a Saturday, yet there’ll be a reasonable additional cost for that.

Basically, we are closed on weekends, so if it’s a must that you need our cleaning services, then you need to inform us beforehand, so we can arrange things.

Oftentimes, there is an allocated one-hour arrival window for first cleaning appointments. Nevertheless, we can always give you a call 30 minutes before we arrive at your location.

Additionally, cleaning duration cannot be always predicted since we want to ensure you get the best cleaning outcome without doing things super fast since it can compromise quality.

Generally, it takes around two to three days to complete a whole house cleaning service, and that’s because of the needed cleaning details we’ll do on all rooms. Nevertheless, you can inquire about our Same Day Service and what’s included in it.

We give you the freedom to reschedule, skip, or cancel your appointments as long as it’s done on or before 2 pm one day before the scheduled date.

In all our years in the field, we never had issues with damaged things inside the house of our clients.

Nevertheless, if that incident happens, then we’ll do our best to either repair or replace the damaged item. We are a licensed, trained, and bonded cleaning company, so there’s no problem with that.

The first cleaning appointment takes a long time since there are instances where particular areas in your house require deep cleaning and more attention. Furthermore, we carefully inspect each section that we need to clean to avoid mistakes and damaging it. 

Once the first cleaning session is done, the recurring ones will be shorter already.

We usually bill you for our cleaning service on the same day and it comes with an added billing fee. Our management promotes this method, so we can daily cover our overhead expenses.

Our preferred payment method is cash or checks given after the cleaning service has been rendered on the same day. If you wish to pay via credit or debit card, then there’s an additional convenience fee for that, which is typically at 3%.

We only cover interior window cleaning works and not on your exterior window areas since that’s a different thing. The former is one of our strengths yet it’s separate from the usual recurring cleaning package.

If you wish to avail of our interior window cleaning, then you need to contact us 48 hours before your desired cleaning date.

You don’t need to stress yourself with this one since we’ll be providing that to our cleaning team.

Basically, we provide no term contracts to our clients, so you can terminate or continue availing of our cleaning services whenever you want. Noble Cleaning Services greatly relies on our quality cleaning works and customer satisfaction, so you keep availing of our services.

If it’s general cleaning, then we only send one housemaid, but if it’s deep or heavy-duty cleaning, then we’ll send two to three cleaning personnel.

Unfortunately, we don’t do laundry in our services.

Our cleaning staff does light home organization at an hourly rate and you need to contact us beforehand for that.

We can include that and it’ll be paid per hour. You have to call us before doing this task.

We offer plenty of add-on tasks for your one-time or recurring cleaning services, and you need to contact us a day before the scheduled date. You need to inform us in advance, so we can prepare the necessary supplies and equipment for it.

There is no fixed price for these added services, so we highly recommend that you call our office for inquiries.

Well, if you don’t see your desired add-on task on our website, then don’t hesitate to call our office to inquire about its availability.

Generally, you need to request any additional tasks 24 hours before your scheduled date. If your request is done on the same day as the scheduled date, then it will incur additional charges since we have to readily deploy additional personnel.

We can use bleach in our cleaning but we don’t prefer of using that because of its harmful effects.

We don’t usually include mold removal in our cleaning services as it can put our cleaners at risk. However, we can try removing it but we don’t guarantee 100% removal and decontamination.

We are proud of being a pet-friendly cleaning company, so there’s no problem if your fur buddy is around while we clean.

However, if your pet has the chance of attacking our cleaners, then we recommend that you cage them for our safety.

Yes, we do provide move in and move out cleaning services. Call us beforehand for this and please specify which one do you need.

We divided our move out cleaning service based on two categories:

For rental spaces: We need you to check on the requirements of your landlord for you to get your safety deposit. Once you got the details, call us immediately so we can arrange things smoothly.

For homeowners: If you’re planning to sell your house, then check on the areas which require deep cleaning service. Nevertheless, you can also contact us for advice about this.

Commercial cleaning service is not our priority, yet we handle small office and store cleaning services. You can contact us today to inquire about the details.

We are available from Mondays to Fridays, and for some instances on a Saturday as long as you booked it in advance. There will be an added cost for Saturday cleaning since we need to find a personnel who’ll be available for that.

Additionally, we are not open on certain holidays like Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day.

We only vacuum carpets on both sides, but not for shampooing or washing them.

Unfortunately, we don’t do this one yet we do spot cleaning on your walls.

We only clean finished basements and mop those finished floors only.

We can remove dust from your garage, yet we cannot remove grease or oils on any surfaces. You can refer to our cleaning guide on stain removal on concrete surfaces.

Well, giving a tip to our staff will totally rest on you and it’s not included in your cleaning total cost.

You can do some minor organization and de-cluttering to quicken our cleaning process, and for you to save on hourly rates.

The first time is also called deep cleaning since there are specific areas inside your house, which have never been touched by your daily cleaning habits.

Conversely, recurring are spring cleaning services that aim to maintain the gleam and neatness of your home.

All of our staff are licensed, trained, and bonded in performing any cleaning task. Additionally, we background check them to see if they have any criminal records or liabilities, which hinders them from being part of our Noble Cleaning Service crew.

The only way that can change your cleaning schedule is when it lands on a holiday or when the weather is bad. Nevertheless, if there’s a need to change your cleaning day, then we’ll inform you in advance. 

However, changing your scheduled day might also mean it’ll be handled by another team.

Basically, we’ll do our best to give you a fixed arrival time frame for our staff. By doing this, it’ll match your time and our team won’t rush into your location, which can lead to vehicular accidents.

Definitely, we’re happy to know your thoughts and experiences with our Noble Cleaning Service housemaids. You can rate us online and write a comment or suggestion on how we can improve our overall services.

Likewise, you can call our office today for any inquiries or clarifications about your future appointments with us.