The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Commercial Cleaning Prices

Commercial Cleaning Prices

Keeping a commercial space clean is essential for businesses, but it can also get quite expensive. Commercial cleaning services provide professional cleaners and quality products to efficiently clean offices, medical facilities, retail stores, warehouses, and more. When considering a commercial cleaning service, one of the first things you’ll want to know is – how much commercial cleaning will cost. Commercial cleaning prices can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors like square footage, cleaning frequency, services required, and more. Before hiring a cleaning company, this article will break down these commercial cleaning cost factors so you know what goes into the pricing for commercial cleaning and what average rates typically are.

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What Impacts the Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services?

This Entrepreneur magazine article discusses several pricing factors for commercial cleaning services including square footage, employee counts, facility usage levels, service frequencies, regional labor rates, and more.

Many variables influence the overall cost and price of commercial cleaning services. By understanding what these factors are, you can better compare rates and choose the right service for your needs and budget.

Square Footage

The size of the commercial space is often the biggest factor in cleaning prices. Most cleaning companies charge per square foot cleaned. Rates often range between $.05 – $.30 per square foot. A 10,000 sq ft office would cost between $500 – $3,000. per hour of cleaning.

The reason for the wide range in rates is that other variables like cleaning tasks also impact cost per sq ft.

Cleaning Frequency

How often the commercial space needs cleaning also affects cost. Cleaning daily costs more than a weekly or monthly service. Discounts are sometimes offered for multiple cleanings per week or month.

Additionally, the time provided for the cleaning impacts rates. Cleaning during normal business hours costs more since additional labor is required.

Scope of Work

The cleaning tasks required make a major difference in rates. Light cleaning like vacuuming, trash emptying, and restroom cleaning costs much less than more extensive disinfecting, window cleaning, washing, carpet cleaning, etc.

Specialized cleaning for medical offices, industrial sites, and food prep areas also requires specific products, equipment, and techniques that increase fees.

Access and Security

Cleaning spaces with limited accessibility that require security clearances like warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants may have additional service fees.

The location of the cleaning job site also impacts costs due to labor expenses and travel time for the cleaning crews.

Average Commercial Cleaning Rates

Commercial cleaning service rates can vary wildly depending on the size of your facilities, the intensity of cleaning required, where you’re located, and numerous other factors.

To provide a general benchmark on pricing, here are typical commercial cleaning rate charts with average hourly and square foot rates charged across three standard commercial cleaning categories:

Light Cleaning for Offices

  1. Office cleaning prices $0.05 – $0.10 per square foot floor
  2. Vacuuming carpets
  3. Mopping hard surface floors
  4. Emptying trash bins
  5. Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms
  6. Tidying waiting rooms, break areas
  7. Dusting desks, tables, counters
  8. Includes all basic cleaning supplies
  9. Typically done 1 to 3 times per week depending on office traffic

General Cleaning for Retail Spaces

  1. $0.08 – $0.12 per square foot
  2. Thorough vacuuming including behind displays/fixtures
  3. Mopping hard floors & deep cleaning carpets
  4. Disinfecting countertops, registers checkouts
  5. Glass cleaning for display cases, windows, doors
  6. Cleaning signs, mirrors, light fixtures
  7. Tidying dressing rooms, restrooms
  8. Removing fingerprints from displays
  9. Done 3 to 7 days a week depending on store traffic

Medical or Industrial Cleaning

  1. $0.12 – $0.30 per square foot
  2. Strict disinfection protocols for patient/client areas
  3. HEPA air filter vacuuming required
  4. Commercial carpet shampooing
  5. Electrostatic spray antimicrobial treatments
  6. Compliance with OSHA or CDC cleaning regulations
  7. Medical waste disposal management
  8. Often includes 24-hour emergency cleaning staff
  9. Typically daily or more frequently for most areas

Keep in mind these are just general averages across the commercial cleaning industry. Prices for specialized services can vary above or below these rates depending on your specific needs.

Questions to Ask When Comparing Rates

When researching commercial cleaning services, get quotes from 3-5 top companies in your area. Have them visit your facility to provide the most accurate estimate. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Do rates include all supplies & equipment or are they additional?
  • Are there recurring weekly/monthly discount rates offered?
  • What tasks and services are defined in your basic cleaning rate?
  • Do you offer specialized cleaning services like pressure washing or carpet cleaning?
  • How are labor costs calculated into the overall rate?
  • What insurance coverage does your company carry?

Thoroughly vetting commercial cleaners on pricing, services, and business practices is important to finding the best long-term cleaning partner for your commercial facility.

The right commercial cleaning service for the right price makes a big difference in keeping your business image professional, sanitary, and welcoming to customers and employees.

Factoring In Your Specific Commercial Cleaning Needs

In addition to the average commercial cleaning rates chart above and the standard pricing factors we’ve covered so far, your individual business’ cleaning needs should be carefully considered when evaluating commercial cleaners. The specifics of your commercial space and cleaning requirements will impact pricing.

Types of Commercial Spaces that Rely on Cleaning Services

Nearly any type of commercial business can benefit from and likely requires professional cleaning services to maintain safe, sanitary, and presentable facilities. Here are some of the most common establishments that routinely hire commercial cleaning crews:

Office Environments

Private companies, non-profits, and government agencies located in office buildings require daily or regular cleaning of floors, breakrooms, restrooms, individual workstations, conference rooms, lobbies, and more. Maintaining cleanliness is essential for employee health, morale, and productivity.

Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Rigorous, frequent disinfection cleaning is vital for hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, nursing homes, physical therapy centers, and other medical sites. Strict protocols must be followed to control dangerous germs and protect vulnerable patients.

Retail Stores

In-person retail outlets like grocery stores, clothing shops, hardware stores, and car dealerships rely on spotless presentations to attract customers to their merchandise. Floor care, display cleaning, and consistent tidiness require dependable cleaning staff.

Educational Institutions

Schools, daycares, and college campuses with high volumes of human traffic and sensitive equipment need daily scrub downs, thorough disinfecting, and quick emergency response cleaning abilities.

Industrial Work Sites

Manufacturers, warehouses, distribution hubs, R&D facilities, and data centers have extensive infrastructure requiring both general surface cleaning as well as specialized equipment care that in-house custodial staff cannot always handle.

The Capterra blog provides helpful cleaning service pricing info based on surveys of thousands of commercial cleaning customers. It offers benchmarks for medical, office, and retail commercial cleaning services prices and rates.

Building Size and Number of Floors

Larger commercial spaces or multi-floor buildings require more time, labor, and supplies to clean thoroughly. 15 floors of offices takes more resources than cleaning a single retail store. Building size and number of floors get factored into overall pricing.

Amount of Traffic and Soiling

Foot traffic brings dirt and debris into a space. Workspaces with lots of equipment, chemicals, or food prep mean more cleaning is necessary. Areas like manufacturing facilities, kitchens, and break rooms require extensive cleaning compared to minimal traffic administrative offices. High-traffic areas lead to higher cleaning rates.

Number of Employees

The number of employees working in a commercial building impacts cleaning costs and how many employees. More employees means more usage of facilities like restrooms and break areas which require more frequent, thorough cleaning. Most cleaning companies factor the number of employees into pricing.

Frequency of Service

Do you require daily, nightly, weekly, or monthly specific cleaning services? Cleaning costs correlate directly with the frequency of the service. Daily office cleaning costs exponentially more than biweekly or monthly services.

Factor in how often you need cleaning done when assessing average commercial cleaning rates and cleaners’ rates.

Looking closely at all these individual factors will help tailor a commercial cleaning service and pricing structure to suit your business’s unique commercial cleaning cost requirements.

Questions to Ask Commercial Cleaning Companies

Now that you understand the many variables that influence commercial cleaning rates, you need to communicate your specific needs and expectations clearly to potential commercial cleaning service prices and services.

Ask detailed questions about how they calculate rates and what customizable options they offer to meet your budget.

Key Pricing Questions:

  • What is included in your base pricing? What additional services can be added?
  • Do you offer multi-level cleaning packages or allow customization of services?
  • How do you calculate cost-per-square-foot rates?
  • Do frequency discounts or recurring service discounts apply?
  • Are there additional charges like fuel fees, weekend rates, and emergency fees?
  • What supplies, equipment, and cleaning products are included or extra?

Service and Coverage Questions:

  • Can we get a sample cleaning or short-term agreement before committing?
  • What types of cleanings do you specialize in (office, medical, industrial)?
  • Do your cleaners and technicians go through background checks and training?
  • Does your pricing include insurance coverage for your crew and any potential damages?
  • What are your contingency plans for staff illnesses or emergencies?

Asking detailed pricing and service questions upfront ensures you choose a commercial cleaning service that fits both your facility’s needs and your business’ budget, without any surprise additional costs down the road.

Establishing open communication, clear pricing, and cleaning service expectations from the start results in the best partnership and highest satisfaction with your commercial cleaning provider.

Breaking Down Commercial Cleaning Costs

To truly understand what goes into pricing for commercial cleaning services, it helps to break down the main elements that comprise the total costs:


The biggest factor affecting commercial cleaning prices is labor costs – what cleaning companies have to pay their employees. This includes:

  • Wages – Hourly pay rates for cleaners
  • Number of Cleaners – More people are needed for larger spaces
  • Hours Worked – Time required to complete cleaning tasks
  • Benefits – Health insurance, vacation, etc. also add cost

On average, labor accounts for 80-85% of a cleaning company’s expenses which are then calculated into their price quotes.

Supplies & Equipment

Providing cleaning products & tools isn’t cheap, especially for large commercial jobs:

  • Chemicals & Cleaners – Disinfectants, degreasers, floor supplies
  • Equipment – Vacuums, floor buffers, pressure washers
  • Accessories – Mops, rags, buckets, gloves
  • Inventory System – Restocking supplies

Supply costs may be included in base pricing or billed separately depending on the provider.

Administration Expenses

Running an office, training staff, marketing services, and securing contracts/accounts all come with administrative expenses including:

  • Office – Utilities, office supplies, rent, etc
  • Staff – Hiring, payroll, compliance, training
  • Sales & Marketing – Website, advertising, business development
  • Insurance – General liability, damage, workers comp premiums
  • Profit Margin – What allows the company to stay in business?

These costs typically account for 15-20% of the overall operating budget for a cleaning business.

Value of a Commercial Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning crew offers significant value in terms of sanitation, safety, customer experience, and ultimately your company’s bottom line.

Consistent Cleanliness

Contracting reliable cleaning staff maintains consistent cleanliness day after day which is impossible with makeshift janitorial services and arrangements.

Health & Safety

Commercial cleaning crews are highly trained to properly handle disinfectants and use specialized equipment minimizing risks in your facilities.

Professional Appearance

Cleanliness directly impacts customer impressions, employee morale, and productivity in workplaces.

Asset Preservation

Regular cleaning protects floors, furnishings, and surfaces from wear, stains, and weather damage retaining their value and function.

While it does represent an ongoing operating expense, partnering with a quality, insured commercial cleaning provider who values clear communication and pricing transparency is worth the investment in most cases.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

When searching for a professional cleaning service for your office building or commercial space, you want an established, reputable company that offers reasonable rates for high-quality commercial cleaning jobs.

Setting Expectations for Cleaning Crews

Once you’ve secured a commercial cleaning company for your office building or business premises, clearly convey your expectations to optimize services.

Provide a thorough walkthrough of your commercial space to identify:

  • All areas requiring cleaning and the order of operations
  • Any spots prone to heavy soiling or spills that need special attention
  • Instructions for cleaning sensitive surfaces like wood furniture or polished floors
  • Usage expectations for break rooms, restrooms, and employee kitchens
  • Required cleaning frequency for each area – daily, 2x/week, etc.
  • Separate cleaning requirements for special areas like reception desks or display cases
  • Secure storage locations for cleaning supplies & equipment

Also, establish open lines of communication and a reporting process between management teams. Immediately address any lapses in performance or absenteeism so corrective action gets taken before major issues arise.

Setting crystal clear expectations upfront ensures your commercial cleaning crews consistently deliver the quality cleaning and service your business demands. This makes paying their hourly rates and your job’s total cleaning costs more worthwhile.

FAQs about Commercial Cleaning Costs

How much should commercial cleaning services cost?

Commercial cleaning prices average $.05 – $.30 per square foot, with rates starting around $.05/sq ft for basic office cleaning and increasing based on frequency, scope of work, building size, and type of business. Medical and industrial cleaning tends to be the highest-priced commercial cleaning jobs due to extensive disinfection protocols.

What factors make pricing fluctuate above or below average?

Square footage, frequency of cleaning, level of cleaning/disinfecting required, ease of access, regional labor rates, and supply/chemical costs can make pricing vary significantly between service providers.

How can I be sure I’m getting fair market pricing?

Get quotes from 3-5 highly reviewed companies in your area for the same scope of services. Have them survey your facility in person and ask lots of questions before signing a contract. Comparing multiple bids with your specific needs outlined gets you transparent, competitive pricing.

What’s the #1 driver of cost for cleaning companies?

Labor makes up 80-85% of a cleaning service provider’s operating expenses. Competitive labor rates and staff productivity determine their base pricing. Other factors like supplies, training, and insurance comprise the remaining 15-20% of their costs.

Can I negotiate lower commercial cleaning prices?

Rates can be negotiated by forming longer-term (1yr+) contracts, removing certain services to reduce labor time, or having cleanings done only at night. Just ensure you know exactly what services might change before agreeing to altered pricing.


Commercial cleaning prices understandably represent a major concern when maintaining office buildings, medical facilities, retail stores, and industrial work sites. Comprehending the many cost factors in play allows businesses to accurately compare service providers’ apples-to-apples to find fair market value rates for quality cleaning crews.

Asking the right questions, outlining your specific commercial cleaning business needs, and inspecting vendors thoroughly ultimately lead to securing a top-notch cleaning service that consistently delivers sparkling spaces in a budget-friendly way. A reliable commercial cleaning partner committed to open communication and transparent pricing makes all the difference in presenting a professional image to customers and employees.