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It’s our commitment to offer quality cleaning services that will help restore the pristine looks of your space while eliminating viruses and bacteria.

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Our Pricing

We also keep flexible and reasonable rates for all our cleaning services. Likewise, we keep fair pricing for our free estimates, which you can expect today.

50% Off

Deep House Cleaning For Up To 4 Hours
(i.e. 2 hours with 2 maids)

$ 140
  • Original Price: $280


50% Off

Deep House Cleaning For Up To 5 Hours
(i.e. 2.5 hours with 2 maids)

$ 175
  • Original Price: $350


50% Off

Deep House Cleaning For Up To 6 Hours
(i.e. 3 hours with 2 maids)

$ 210
  • Original Price: $420


50% Off

Deep House Cleaning For Up To 8 Hours
(i.e. 4 hours with 2 maids)

$ 280
  • Original Price: $560


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Our Business Is To Make Yours Shine

Keeping your home and workspace hygienic at all times is a tedious task, which you can deal with on your own or with the help of a professional cleaning service.
Easy Booking

You can conveniently schedule a date by calling us or using our contact form to decide when you are availing of any of our cleaning packages.

Certified Cleaners

All of our housemaids have undergone intensive training with the best cleaning practices, especially on how to properly use cleaning solutions and equipment.

Best Products

We use the best and tested products in the market. All the cleaning products we’ll be using are EPA-registered and eco-friendly, to ensure the safety of your children and pets.

Convenient Payments

We accept various payment methods such as cash and credit cards. For your convenience, we will ask you beforehand about your preferred payment method, so everything goes smoothly.

What to expect from our team

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced cleaners who are passionate about what they do. They are dedicated to making your home look and feel its best. We believe in using eco-friendly products and techniques that are safe for your family and pets while still providing outstanding results.

What does the Noble Cleaning services include

The scope of a regular cleaning service can vary depending on the service provider and the specific agreement with the client. However, a standard regular cleaning service typically includes the following:

  1. General Cleaning: 

    • Dusting: Wiping down surfaces, furniture, and electronic devices.
    • Vacuuming: Cleaning carpets, rugs, and floors.
    • Sweeping and Mopping: Taking care of hard floors.
    • Trash Removal: Emptying and replacing trash bins.
  2. Kitchen Cleaning:

    • Cleaning kitchen surfaces: Countertops, cabinets, and appliances.
    • Sink and faucet cleaning.
    • Wiping down kitchen appliances.
  3. Bathroom Cleaning:

    • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks, countertops, and fixtures.
    • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets.
    • Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces.
    • Shower and tub cleaning.


We cover an array of tasks for restoring the pristine looks and cleanliness of your home.
TV's / Accessories Remove Cobwebs Inside Microwave
Tables Straighten Up and Organize Stovetop
Countertops Take Out Trash Kitchen Sinks
Dressers Take Out Recycling Bin Cabinet Exteriors
Mirrors Vacuum Floors Dishwasher Front Panels
Chairs Swiffer Floors Oven Front Panels
Night Stands Make the Beds Washer Exterior
Bookcases Change Bed Linens Dryer Exterior
Armoires Glass Tabletops Bathroom Sinks
Ceiling Fans Vacuum and Steam Clean All Bathroom Cabinets
Window Sills Carpets Bathroom Countertops
Light Switches Vacuum Small Rugs Bathroom Mirrors
Door Handles Stairs Toilet Spaces
Door Frames Stair Handrails Bathtubs

Meet the Noble Cleaners Near You

  • Experienced and certified cleaners in your vicinity
  • Punctual, diligent, and effective
  • Local cleaners with professional training and insurance coverage
  • Utilizing top-notch professional cleaning equipment
  • Employing environmentally friendly, safe detergents for pets and children
  • Providing personalized services without any mandatory contracts
  • Consistently booking the same cleaner ensures consistent, top-quality outcomes.
  • Our cleaning professionals are happy to assist with additional chores such as dishwashing, laundry, and ironing.

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